Monday, December 20, 2010

Movie Mondays: You know what they say about history

Our Top Three movies this week in the USA are things we've already seen.

At number 3 is the new Narnia movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It's getting good reviews, but I haven't yet seen it. I wonder if Susan sees old Caspian at the beginning and regrets her (movie) kiss with him. Based on the popular children's book and already done in BBC series.

At number 2 is Yogi Bear. Yep, they made a movie out of the old cartoon. Dan Akroyd voices Yogi, which I can see. Justin Timberlake plays BooBoo. I just hope he's not bringin' sexy back.

The number 1 movie in America right now is Tron: Legacy, which has stirred up some controversy for age-reversing Jeff Bridges. Apparently they've digitally altered his face, mixing old and current footage, prompting George Lucas to get very excited about resurrecting dead actors. Imagine what the next digital alteration of Star Wars will bring!

I don't think we're missing much in theaters this week: Seems like we've seen it all before!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Funky Fridays: You are a firework. Boom!

The number one song of the week is "Firework." This is probably one of the better Katy "I Kissed a Girl" Perry songs, nowhere near as annoying or misspelled as California Gurls. The thing is the video. It basically involves people coming out of their shell to do stuff, and then suddenly they have fireworks spouting from their chests. The video features:

1. A 10-12 year old boy who, with his sister, sits on the side of the room while their parents fight. When his sister claps her hands over her ears and starts crying, the boy gets all sparkler-fied and intervenes, telling his dad to stop. I can only assume his dad took one look at the sparks and ran.

2. A chubby girl who sits on the sidelines while all of her skinny friends are having a massive pool party. Eventually she strips down and does a cannonball (because, y'know, she's fat) into the water, popping up with a big smile and multicolored lights that somehow didn't get put out.

3. A magician kid who gets basically mugged on the sidewalk, but the muggers can't get anything but neverending handkerchiefs and doves. Suddenly he starts doing magic tricks to amuse his assailants. Too bad he wasn't a hypnotist so he could make them all think they're chickens, and run away. Nope, he's stuck entertaining the thugs with his street magic and his exploding chest.

4. A wallflower boy at a club who stares longingly across the room. Eventually he gets up the guts to make his way over and kiss some random guy who I guess he had a crush on. My thoughts on the matter: Let's say I'm random guy. A boy walks up to me and he's on fire, says nothing and then kisses me. I don't think I'd smile. I think I'd run the heck away.

The weirdest part of the video is Cancer Kid. I can't figure out the point of this bald child who wanders around the hospital, creepily watching a fireworked mom give birth to a bottle rocket. I get that the other people in the video had to become more confident and do something. What did Cancer Kid do? Surely the fireworks didn't beat cancer?

So there ya have it. Our first Funky Friday and I'm thinking it's time to go boom boom pow.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Welcome back!

Five years ago, I started a blog called Pop Culture for Expatriates for my sister. Then my world turned upside down. I went from being a married, stay at home mom in one state to a single parent in another, eventually getting my nursing license.

But I miss blogging. I miss the pop culture blog because it was lighthearted enough and gave me something to blog about. I miss online community. So now I present the new, possibly improved Pop Culture for Expatriates. Same name, same author, shorter URL.

Here's the potential schedule for the blog, the timetable to keep y'all in the know. See ya soon!

Monday - Movie Mondays, a list of tops at the box office and what I know about them.
Tueday - Same Stuff, Smaller Screen, what's out on DVD
Wednesday - Wild Card Wednesday, anything you should know about
Thursday - TV Thursdays, commercials, TV shows, etc.
Friday - Funky Friday, music you might want to hear about (though not necessarily hear)
Saturday - Saturday Soup, the leftovers